Dev Raheja

Speaker: Dev Raheja

Webinar Code: OCH 100 402

Webinar Duration: 60(Minutes)

Designing a Good Medical Device

Webinar Date: Thursday 17th of October 2019 10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT
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Designing a good medical device is an art as well as science. Engineering 101 sciences say we should always have 100% design margin. This science seems to be a forgotten event in the interest of costs and schedule. Therefore potential device recalls are inherent in design, manufacturing, and device use. You can learn the art of designing cheaper, better and faster with this webinar. The webinar will cover several case histories on this art.

Why should you attend?

Knowledge of innovation methods is critical to medical device companies in differentiating their product from competitors and for avoiding recalls. This webinar is conducted by the risk management consultant who turned around a Midwest company from going out of business to becoming the world leader in quality and reliability.


  • Design principles for leaders
  • Efficient design control
  • Efficient risk reduction
  • Good design rules
  • Paradigms for a good design
  • Design for reliability
  • Design for safety
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Design for maintainability
  • Design for prognostics
  • Innovation principles
  • Design validation testing


Who should attend?

  • If you want to be efficient, the entire cross functional team should attend. But any of the following can attend:
  • Senior management
  • Design managers and engineers
  • Manufacturing managers and engineers
  • Quality Assurance staff
  • Regulatory affairs staff
  • Service engineering managers and engineers
  • Corporate counsels
  • Attorneys