Dev Raheja

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Dev Raheja, MS,CSP, is an international Risk Management and Quality Assurance consultant for Healthcare, medical device, and aerospace industry for over 25 years. He applies evidence base safety techniques from a variety of industries to healthcare. He is a trainer, author of the books Safer Hospital Care, Assurance Technologies Principles and Practices, and Design for Reliability. He shows clients how to come up with elegant solutions using creativity and innovation. Being a true international consultant, he has conducted training in several countries including Sweden, Australia, Japan, Germany, UK, Singapore, Taiwan, South Africa, Finland, and Brazil. He helped a major Midwest company from going out of business to becoming a world leader by eliminating safety mishaps. Prior to becoming a consultant in 1982 he worked at GE healthcare as Supervisor of Quality Assurance and Manager of Manufacturing, and at Booz-Allen & Hamilton as Risk Management consultant for nuclear and mass transportation industry

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Designing a Good Medical Device
Goals Designing a good medical device is an art as well as science. Engineering 101 sciences say we should always have 100% design margin. This science seems..

Live Session By Dev Raheja On Thursday 17th of October 2019 10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT
Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation
Goals The specifications usually miss about 60% requirements. Therefore risk risks are inherent in design, manufacturing, and device use even after so much a..

Live Session By Dev Raheja On Friday 6th of September 2019 10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT