HR Compliance

Successful companies realize that services offered by the human resources function do affect the bottom line.  HR compliance is a necessity for any business in today’s competitive and legal environment.  Whether your HR department has one or 20 employees, it is likely that your employees are wearing many hats.  HR generalists are expected to have a thorough knowledge of all areas in the human resources function, but we all know how difficult it is keeping abreast of the constant changes in the law. 

Strong HR programs and effective HR practices and policies can accelerate company development, competitiveness, and profitability.  We believe that it is important to know your strengths and build on them as well as know your weaknesses and change them.  Workplace Dynamics can help identify your weaknesses and provide the guidance to eliminate potential areas of concern. As an HR professional or business owner, you face daily challenges understanding and complying with federal and state employment laws. Why struggle on your own? Our referral partners at HR provide a complete suite of easy-to-use, easy-to-understand solutions covering a wide range of compliance topics, freeing you to focus on your core business. When you’re facing a real-time employment issue, you can rely on HR Comply online compliance solutions to guide you through the complex legal maze and help you mitigate the risk of noncompliance. And their comprehensive training programs help you proactively manage discrimination and harassment prevention.

HR Compliance Reference System:

HR’s Compliance Reference System is a uniquely powerful and practical Web-based solution to the difficulties inherent in managing your business within the maze of federal and state employment and employee benefits laws.

Implementing HR Compliance

Attaining and maintaining compliance are pivotal for an organization’s success. The process must be treated to define group and individual behaviors for ensuring adherence to organization’s applicable policies and laws. HR has the important objective of hiring and retaining individuals with adequate knowledge of specific laws for designing legally conducive internal policies. Execution of these policies is more important and hence effective communication must be reiterated. Federal and 50-state commentary, statutes, and regulations provide current, complete, and consistent coverage on topics including compensation and hours, discrimination, health care reform, working with independent contractors, employee leave, termination, and more.